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How do you select the blogs?

We choose basis on Domain Authority, Domain Rating, Spam Score and Organic Traffic.

Are your services tailored to my target audience?

While we don't offer pre-approval for blog post placements, you have complete control over the live progress and can monitor the placements through your dashboard once they are secured. The content we provide is non-promotional and follows a ghost blogging style. Therefore, there is no need for pre-approval, as it is not comparable to guest posting services. Your client's link will be seamlessly incorporated into the content, appearing as if a blogger naturally mentioned them.

Can I get a free consultation for my project?

Typically, our Blogger Outreach placements are long-lasting, often remaining indefinitely. However, in rare cases where a link is removed within 12 months from the delivery date of your order, we offer a free replacement. Most placements tend to remain active for many years, and the majority will persist as long as the blog owner continues to operate their blog. However, it is important to acknowledge that, over time, some loss may occur due to factors such as bloggers discontinuing their sites or changing their focus.

How do you handle customer feedback?

Do you accept orders related to adult content and gambling?

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